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Communication is not just rapidly evolving, it’s also being distributed in loads of new and emerging channels to serve countless and diverse needs. With this in mind, we formed Super8 in 2016 as a symbiotic creative communications resource operating through an inter-dependent model of enterprise. This means we work in flexible project teams that can be quickly drawn together or pulled apart, then reformatted to provide a more meticulous focus on the particular task at hand – whatever that might be.

How this thing works.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we properly connect with each project to more accurately understand the specific values that need to be applied. As such, Super8 harnesses only the most effective processes, practices and methodologies to offer a robust project-focused approach that is both collaborative and highly efficient. As a consequence, we’re more able to complete our work on time, on budget and to a much higher standard.

Our working model also ensures that our clients are able to work more closely with the best, most senior, and most experienced talent in South Australia. Plus, with immediate access to different and/or additional resources at our fingertips, our capacity to deliver on any sized project for our clients is virtually limitless. You can learn more about Super8’s core group below.

Meet the Super8 team.

When you’re ready to work with Super8, you can simply contact anyone in the group anytime. Maybe start with someone you know, or the person you think would be most relevant to your need. You’ll be talking with a senior industry expert who is completely receptive to your enquiry.

You can also email Super8

Studio 8.

Want to shoot something?

Super8 also has an accessible city-based photography and filming studio with plenty of free parking along Halifax Street. It comes complete with a large white cyc, green-screen cyc, and a large commercial kitchen. There’s also easy access inside thanks to the vehicle drive-in roller door – plus a make-up/hair area, over 150sqm of great loading and equipment space, plus oodles of ceiling height of up to 6.3 metres.

Got a corporate function, presentation or launch event?

Studio8 is perfect for either casual or more formal events too. You can cater and manage things yourself, or we can help. It’s entirely up to you.

  • Photography
  • Filming
  • Food shoots
  • Functions
  • Launch Events
  • Presentations

Want to book Studio8, or maybe take a site-visit?

Studio8 is managed by Super8’s resident photographer, Jules Cebo. You can book the entire studio space on either a half-day or full-day basis, and for a particularly competitive rate!

You can drop him a line anytime to arrange a quick tour, or make a booking.
E: jc@kranskycreative.com
M: 0423 035 402